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At “Sol Latino” we want to provide you with the best service and make sure your trip is safe and hassle free. For this reason, we have a relationship with Dos Lunas and Patricia´s are guest houses in Guatemala City. You can send one of your representatives to pick you up at the airport. If you arrive late or decide to stay longer in Guatemala City, you can also stay in your comfortable guest house during the night. Next day will take you directly to a bus terminal where you can travel directly to Quetzaltenango.

 We recommend Dos Lunas and Patricia´s for their service, but they are a separate business fromours. You will have to make a reservation directly with they. In addition, it is better for any delay in the flight or setback that you have direct communication with them. 


You can say that Sol Latino referred you so that you have more attention in the service they give you.


Option 1:
If your flight arrives early in the day, the representative from Dos Lunas will take you directly to the bus station to travel to Quetzaltenango the same day. We recommended that you do not travel from Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango any later than 3 in the afternoon.

The airport pickup service includes:
*airport pick up
*transfer to the bus station
*bus ticket

You can pay for this service directly to Dos Lunas, and you can pay in Dollars, Euros or Quetzals.


Option 2:
If you prefer to travel the next day, the representative of Dos Lunas will take you from the airport to the guesthouse where you can enjoy Lorena’s warm welcome. You will have a comfortable room, with or without a private bathroom; the next morning breakfast will be provided for you and someone from Dos Lunas will take you to the bus station to travel to Quetzaltenango. You can decide what time you would like to take the bus.

The airport pickup service includes:
* Airport pick up
* 1 night accommodation in room of choice
* Full breakfast or box breakfast
* 1 hour internet - free WiFi Internet
* 1 free call to your Spanish school “Sol Latino” in Quetzaltenango
* Transfer to the bus station
* Bus ticket
* Taxes

The price of this service varies according to your room choice. You will pay this service at guest house , and you can pay in Dollars, Euros, or Quetzals.

When you arrive in Quetzaltenango it will be easy to find a taxi that will take you to the school. The cost is between 50 and 60 Quetzals.